A Cost-Effective Method Of Remodeling Is Furniture Upholstery In Phoenix

Posted on: 28 January 2014

Furniture upholstery in Phoenix is a cost-effective way of making your furniture look nice again. Whether you caused a tear in a leather couch or you bought a worn-out chair secondhand, there are many options for furniture upholstery in Phoenix. Upholstery usually refers to stuffed furniture, meaning the furniture has some kind of padding in the seat or backrest. Even though it may seem intimidating, you can perform your own furniture upholstery in Phoenix after watching simple online tutorial videos. After all, if the professional work is going to cost more than you would even spend on a replacement for the furniture, it probably isn't worth it. Your first step in completing some basic furniture upholstery is to find a piece of furniture that could use some work. Check out the fabric, the padding, and frame of the furniture; most furniture could use some regular maintenance, especially if you have children or pets. Become familiar with the intricate details of the furniture; some of the seams are probably just stapled into the furniture frame, while high-grade furniture is often sewn along the seams. Once you have your furniture project, determine what you are going to attempt to do. In most cases, a fabric-covered couch or chair is an easier project to start with. You can select a fabric from a sewing store in Phoenix that resembles the original fabric on the furniture. The fabric you choose for your upholstery project depends on personal preference. The thickest, most durable fabric is certainly going to last the longest, but it can be a pain to work with, as it is not nearly as flexible as a lighter fabric. However, lighter fabrics wear away faster, which makes it seem like the point of upholstery is invalid. So when you have picked your fabric and you know your furniture well enough, you can start. If you are upholstering the entire piece of furniture, the next step is to remove all of the existing fabric. Many furniture manufacturers include generic shapes in the making of furniture; this makes it easy for amateur upholsterers. Remove the original generic shapes and use them as a template on your new fabric sheets. Cut out the basic shapes, leaving a little excess, so as to provide enough room for simple mistakes. Some parts of the furniture, like the cushion, can benefit from ample fabric, so that you can sew a seam on the only part of the furniture that will likely be removed from time to time. The upholstery then becomes a game of stapling the taut fabric to the frame, keeping everything straightened and clean. While you perform your own furniture upholstery in Phoenix, pay close attention to every detail as you move from one section to another. Keep the big picture in mind; it's easier to make adjustments during the initial upholstery stages rather than remove them all and try again later. Of course, some pieces of furniture are not as easy to upholster on your own. Professional upholsterers in Phoenix (at Valley Interiors or otherwise) are talented in working with every part of the furniture, which can include the springs at the bottom of the couch and the delicate wood frame of a chair. If you have furniture that would benefit from a touch-up rather than being replaced, contact a furniture upholsterer in Phoenix for a consultation. In most cases, the upholsterer just needs to see the furniture before giving an estimate. One advantage of taking your furniture to a professional is that you don't have to do the work, but a disadvantage might be the upholsterer's choices for fabric. Still, the most important thing to consider is whether to replace the furniture or give it a second chance.