Two Options For Repairing Old Parking Lots

Posted on: 29 January 2014

Parking lots are usually made of asphalt and they are used for cars to drive on and for cars to park on. When parking lots age, they will begin to wear out. Pieces of the asphalt might break off, you might have holes in your pavement, and there might be cracks everywhere. These are all normal signs of aging asphalt and there are ways to fix these problems. One of the biggest decisions you will have with this is whether you will have it repaired or replaced. Parking lot repaving in St. Paul, MN usually consists of ripping out an entire parking lot so that it can be replaced with new asphalt. This is a great idea if you want a parking lot that looks great and that is free of holes and cracks, but it can also be a very expensive option to choose. As you consider your options, you might be told by an asphalt contractor that you will have two choices. The first choice is called resurfacing and this will be the cheaper option. The second choice will be replacing it and this will cost more. Resurfacing an asphalt parking lot is easier to do and fewer materials are needed for this. Resurfacing consists of making all of the necessary repairs to the surface and then the surface is sealed with a substance known as sealcoating. During parking lot resurfacing, the contractor will fill in every hole with asphalt. The contractor might also add a thin layer of asphalt to certain areas of the parking lot. A large machine will drive over the entire lot and will compact the surface and this will create an even look and feel to the parking lot. Finally, the workers will spread sealcoating over the entire surface. This material is thick and black and it is designed to protect the surface from wear and tear. Parking lot resurfacing will work fine if the parking lot is not in horrible shape. This is a great idea if the lot has minor problems or if you want to make the parking lot look nicer. For a parking lot that is in really bad shape, parking lot repaving might be the better option to choose. To do this, the contractor will have to begin by ripping out the old asphalt. As you can imagine, this is not an easy job and it is handled with large equipment. The machines used for this are strong enough to rip this out and they will then load up all of the debris into dump trucks. The dump trucks will take the debris away from the job site and they may end up recycling this material. This process will take time especially if the parking lot is big, but it has to be completed if you want a new parking lot poured for you. Once the old parking lot is gone, the new one can be installed. This will involve hauling in asphalt that is freshly made. The asphalt road will be in the form of a thick liquid and it will harden as it dries. Because of this, the asphalt must be spread relatively quickly over the area that needs to be covered. Compacters will be used to push the asphalt down and the contractor will make sure that it is thick enough and even. A freshly poured parking lot will need time to dry after this. The contractor will section it off with tape or rope and this will keep people off of it. In most cases asphalt dries within a day or two, but it varies depending on the weather. Share