Got Grimy Glass Shower Doors? Check Out These Possible Causes

Posted on: 7 September 2016

If you want to give your bathroom a more open appearance with modern flair, glass shower doors are easily a logical choice. These fixtures have been a preference over traditional shower curtains for quite some time, and it is easy to see why. However, glass shower doors do also have their pitfalls, one of which is the fact that they need regular cleaning to look their best.

Unfortunately, if you are like some homeowners with glass shower doors, you will feel like you have to scrub and clean your doors almost every day just to keep them looking their best. There could be a few reasons why you are having such a hard time keeping the grime off of your glass shower doors. 

Your bathroom is in need of better ventilation. 

Most bathrooms have some form of exhaust vent which is designed to eliminate steam and moisture that accumulates when the shower or bath is in use. However, if your old bathroom vent is not as functional as it should be, the result will be moisture issues on everything from your walls to your floors, as well as your glass shower doors. If the moisture in your bathroom is not being funnelled out fast enough, you will be left with constant water spots on your glass shower doors from condensation. Give your bathroom vent a good cleaning, and if necessary, have it replaced with a more modern version. 

You are dealing with hard water problems. 

If you consistently find white, cloudy residue on your glass shower doors, it s a good indication that you have an issue with hard water. Hard water is water which is filled excessively with minerals like calcium and lime. As the water on the shower doors evaporates, it will leave behind a chalky residue of mineral deposits. To alleviate this grimy substance on your glass shower doors, it is a good idea to consider having a water softening system installed. 

Your bathroom is home to a lot of aerosol contaminants. 

Most people don't even realize how much grime they actually inject into the air with their normal routine. If you use a lot of hairspray in an aerosol can, the sticky residue can easily show up on your glass shower doors. If you use aerosol air fresheners in your bathroom, this can create a residue on your glass doors as well. To lessen problems with this kind of grime on your shower doors, pay more attention to the sprays you use, and make a few changes in the products you use in your bathroom. 

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