3 Tips for Getting Smooth Color When You Paint the Inside of Your Home

Posted on: 2 December 2016

If you are preparing to paint a room inside of your home this winter, use the three tips below to get a smooth color and consistent application throughout the room.

#1: Mix the Paint Cans Together

If you purchase multiple cans of paint for the room inside of your house that you plan to paint, be sure to also purchase a five-gallon bucket. When you purchase paint, the store uses a machine to make and mix the individual color that you picked out. This can cause very slight variations from one can of paint to another. If you switch to a new can of paint halfway through painting, you may be able to notice a slight difference in color.

To prevent this from happening, take all of the cans of paint that you purchased and pour them inside of a 5-gallon bucket. Then, use a painting stick to stir the paint together. This will help ensure that the color that you apply to your wall is consistent throughout.

If you have extra paint left over, you can pour it back into one of the leftover paint cans and seal it up to preserve the paint for future touch-ups.

#2: Start with the Trim

In order to not have the new paint from your trim and your walls overlap, you should first paint the trim. Then, if you plan on painting the ceiling, paint this next, followed by the walls. When you paint the trim first, you don't have to cover up the walls, and you can get some of the trim paint on the walls. When the trim is dry, you can easily cover it up with tape to protect the new paint while you paint your ceiling and walls.

This order of painting will help ensure that paint from one part of your room doesn't ruin any other part of your new paint job.

#3: Prime Over Wall Patches

If you have to paint over any wall patches, you may notice that these areas of paint dry differently. Often, some wall patches are more porous than the surrounding wall material, and this results in the paint getting absorbed more into the wall and makes that area of your wall look duller. You can make these areas have the same shine and finish as the rest of your home by applying primer over these area of your wall. This will make the texture and shine of your newly painted wall more consistent. 

Call an interior painting service for professional help.