Toddlers & Fireplaces: Four Safe Options That Can Last For Years

Posted on: 17 January 2017

It's safe to say that toddlers and fire don't mix very well. Because of this idea, many parents may be hesitant to use or install a fireplace in the home. Just because you have a child in their toddler years does not mean that you should give up on the idea of having a fireplace. They are great for relaxing, reading, and enjoying family time together. The best way to manage a toddler and a fireplace is to choose one with options that can add extra safety and protection in your home. Not only can you teach your toddler the dangers of fire, but you can enjoy the fireplace for all of its many uses. By learning about these various options, you can know what to shop for and request when a contractor installs the fireplace in your home.

Locking Doors & Secured Screens

For a curious toddler, any type of flame could be tempting. This is why it's a good idea to block them off from the fire as best as possible. Even when teaching children proper fire safety, it's important to have blockades that prevent them from getting burned. If you are choosing a wood-burning fireplace, then you can select glass doors that lock shut. The shutting mechanism allows you to see the flame, but the glass barrier prevents a child from getting too close. If you having a gas or electric fireplace installed, then you can choose to have a permanent screen placed on the outside of the fireplace. These screens cannot be manipulated or moved by a toddler in the home. The screens allow the heat of the fireplace to go through while offering optimal protection for the toddler.

Spill Switches

Fire place safety is an essential part of protecting your home and enjoying the comfort of the flames. This is why it's a good idea to have a spill switch installed on a gas fireplace. These switches will automatically detect if the fireplace temperature is too hot. If this occurs, then the fireplace will automatically shut down to help prevent burns or dangers with your toddler. With these switches, you can operate the fireplace without worrying. This will make it easy to run for the flames for multiple hours while enjoying the company of your toddler at home.

Concealed Controls

Not only are toddlers attracted to the magic of fire and flames, but many young children love to play with buttons and switches. When it comes to a gas or electric fireplace, this means that the fire heat can change and settings can get played with. To help keep those curious fingers away from the controls, you can chose a fireplace installation that has concealed controls. These controls are placed underneath a hidden cover that is hard for a toddler to open. This added protection will make it easy to to keep your toddler away from the controls during all times.

Remote Control Operation

If a child sees you approaching the fireplace to adjust settings, then they may try to copy the same moves. One way to help with this is by purchasing a fireplace with a remote control. By using the remote control, you can set up the fireplace without getting close to it. A parent can also use the remote to control the fire if a toddler gets too close. For example, if a toddler is close, then the remote can be used to shut off the flames. This is a great emergency tool that may be faster to access than rushing over to the fireplace. Remotes come with multiple settings to keep the fireplace at the ideal setting.

Once the fireplace is installed, it can be used for the toddler years and so many more years after that. It's great for holiday traditions and can help your family start a number of new traditions. If you want to learn more, check it out here.