Why You Should Get Your Basement Waterproofed Before You Sell Your Home

Posted on: 18 January 2017

If you are getting ready to put your home up for sale, there may be some repairs you will need to do before you list the house. When you list a house, you will be required to state any problems the house has that you know about. If you have dealt with water issues in your basement for many years, you will have to state this, and this can be a deal breaker for many buyers. Hiring a company to perform waterproofing services can be a good step to take before you list your home, and here are a few reasons to consider doing this.

The Water Problems Will Not Fix Themselves

When a house has leaks or other issues that are allowing water to enter the basement, they need to be fixed. Water problems are not the type you should ignore, because they will never go away on their own. They need to be fixed, and this is primarily because water damage can cause excessive damage to a house and its structure. Water damage is also likely to lead to mold developing in the areas that are wet, and mold problems can be very hard to deal with and eliminate.

Water problems shouldn't be ignored whether you will stay living in the house or moving out, and you will not want to leave the next owners of the house with these issues.

You Could Get Sued If You Are Not Honest

If you try to hide the water issues your home has, you could get sued by the person that buys your house. A full disclosure form is something you will have to fill out and sign when listing your home. This form states any major issues the new owners will inherit from this house, and you must legally include the water issues you know about. If you fail to report the issue and the new owners find out that you knew, you can expect a lawsuit to arise.

Keep in mind that you do not have to fix the water problems if you do not want to; however, you must report them. If you decide not to fix them and just sell your house the way it is, be prepared to have problems selling the house. There are not a lot of people that would want to buy a house that has water leaks and issues. If someone does decide to buy it, he or she is likely to get a home inspection done to see the severity of the damage and the costs to repair it. In addition, the buyer is likely to offer you a lower price for the house.

The Work Might Include A Transferable Warranty

Choosing to get the work done now is probably the best option you have, and you can do this by hiring a company that offers foundation waterproofing services. The company will come to your home to analyze and evaluate the damage and repairs the house will need to make it completely waterproof.

When you hire a company to do this, you may want to ask about their warranties. In many cases, companies that offer waterproofing services will offer long-term warranties on their work. If the company offers this, ask if the warranty is transferable. If so, you can use this as an incentive when selling your home. While you may still need to disclose the water issues, you can also show your receipts for the work done and offer the new owners the long-term warranty. If they have any issues with water, they can use this to get the work fixed for free.

If you are tired of living with water leaks in your basement, contact a company today that specializes in basement waterproofing services, such as Champion Waterproofing.