4 Great Reasons To Choose Fiber Cement Siding For Your Home

Posted on: 2 February 2017

It's easy to take the outside of your home for granted. But keeping your siding in good shape can protect your investment. If you've heard of fiber cement siding but don't know much about it, you'll be glad to know its popularity is rising, and many builders are using it on new homes. Here are four great reasons to choose it for your home, too.

Many Aesthetically Pleasing Options

Whether your visual destination is to achieve the look of cement, wood, brick, or stucco, fiber cement siding can get you there. Multiple options for different textures exist with most manufacturers, but the buck doesn't stop there. You can also pick from a wide variety of colors to please any palate. You may want to achieve a 2-tone look or you could be going for the Victorian style with bold or soft earth tones. But don't let the choices overwhelm you. An experienced contractor can offer suggestions based on your budget and what's trending in your neck of the woods.

Longevity and Durability

Fiber cement siding is made to last much longer that its competition, and the ingredients are fairly simple.

  1. Wood pulp: allows for a little flexibility and resistance to weather changes.
  2. Cement: made of limestone, clay, and iron. Works to bind all the ingredients.
  3. Fly ash or silica sand: works as a filler ingredient.
  4. Water: dissolves the wood and hardens the cement.

Fiber cement is resistant to rot, damage, and degradation that comes from exposure to the outside elements including termites and other insects, fire, water, wind, and even mold and mildew. Basically, you're getting the longevity of all other siding materials combined when you invest in fiber cement. Additionally, this type of siding is perfect for any home in any climate.

If you live in the northern U.S. and regularly get snow and ice, you may find that vinyl siding can become brittle over the years. But fiber cement isn't at all fazed by sub-zero temperatures.

Those on the coast who get hammered with rain, wind, and hurricanes can suffer tremendous damage from storms. But fiber cement brushes off this type of weather like it's nothing.

Homeowners who reside in the south are all too familiar with rot from rain and termites. But siding that contains cement doesn't offer the nourishment those pests need to survive.

Low Maintenance

Fiber cement siding is super easy to maintain. Most professionals recommend treating it similarly to wood siding, spraying it down with a hose when it appears dirty.

As you probably know, wood siding expands and contracts when the temperature and humidity levels change. But because of its ingredients, fiber cement siding responds to these weather changes very little. So the paint adheres much better, staying in place and resisting cracking, blistering, and peeling. Therefore, it will only need to be repainted when you feel it's ready.

Lifetime Savings

It's difficult to calculate exactly how much fiber cement siding will cost without getting an estimate from a contractor. But you can expect it to run about as much as wood siding. Installation itself can run a little more, only because your existing siding needs to be removed first. If this is something you can DIY, then you'll save that much more.

Because it doesn't have to be painted as often as other siding, the maintenance is low and inexpensive, and it often comes with an outstanding warranty of up to 50 years, fiber cement offers the purchaser mega advantages in lifetime savings. Remember, you're getting all the benefits of brick, wood, and stucco combined but at a fraction of the cost.

If you live in the western U.S., especially in regions that are susceptible to wildfires, your insurance company may offer a discount since the siding is fire-resistant, providing you with additional savings. But no matter where you live, you should ask your insurance company if they can give you a special rate on your premium when you buy fiber cement siding. For more information, check out a site like http://lifetime-exteriors.net/.