How Wildlife Affect Your Garage Door's Functioning And How To Address This Issue

Posted on: 28 February 2017

Garage doors, and in particular, garages, have a tendency to draw in and let in wildlife of all kinds. Bats and birds roost overhead. Mice and other small rodents run amok on the floor and along every box and counter you have in the garage. Problems arise when these animals interfere with the function and operation of your garage door. Here are some of the garage door repairs caused by wildlife, which animals are guilty of it, and how to carefully address these issues.

Garage Door Will Not Open All the Way

When a garage door will not open all the way, look up. Chances are, birds have built nests on the guide chain, and the nests are adhered with mud to the track of the chain. When the chain does move, the nests may either move with it until they cannot move further, or they may block the chain's movement entirely.

To address this problem:

  1. First look for windows in the garage that let the birds in. If the problem is not a window, then leaving the garage door open probably is.
  2. Next, cover your face and head and wear work gloves, because you will need to climb a ladder to retrieve the birds' nests. If there are still birds present, the birds may attempt to peck you; ergo, the face/head/hands protection.
  3. If no birds are present, firmly grab the nests from the sides and pull.
  4. Then clear out the chain track so that the chain can run smoothly. Keep your garage closed as much as possible so the birds do not return.

Now your garage door should open and close with no problems.

Garage Door Suddenly Stops or Sticks, Then Moves Again

When your garage door acts like it has a short in the electrical connections, it probably does. Be sure to check the laser safety signals at the bottom of the door along the opener's frame. If these two boxes are aligned and seem to be in order, climb up to the opener and pop the cover off the wiring box. (Make sure you have turned the power to the garage off so you are not electrocuted when you do this.)

If you see wires that look like they have been tampered with, possibly even chewed, you have a problem with rodents in your garage. You will need to set traps along the beams of your garage that lead to the opener. Then repair the wires so that the opener functions properly again. For more information, contact a business such as Plano Overhead Garage Door.