Ways To Make Your Hollow Metal Door Quieter

Posted on: 16 March 2017

When opening and closing your hollow metal door, there shouldn't be too much sound. This is useful late at night when you do not want to wake family members up if you must take your dog out, for example. You will need to modify your door in order to make it quieter, especially if something becomes physically wrong with the door, and also perform various forms of preventative maintenance.


With any type of hollow metal door, it is important to make sure that you have an adequate amount of weatherstripping. Not only will this protect you from temperature changes in your home, but it will also provide additional cushioning that will reduce the sound of your metal door. The weatherstripping will be in-between the location where the door and frame meet. 

Dampers And Dictators

Consider installing a damper and dictator. This is a piece of hardware that includes a hook and wheel. The hook is designed to catch the wheel and helps slow down the speed at which the door is closing as it is about to collide with the door frame.

Felt Pads

If you have a swinging hollow metal door and it is often slamming shut, felt pads can lower the volume of the metal door. The felt pads need to be placed inside the door frame. Sometimes, they are placed near the lock area. Other times, they are spread out. The pads are meant to quiet the door because they catch the door before it collides with the frame.


If you have a sliding metal door, the reason for the noisiness is most often dirt and debris in the hollow door track. You may also need to lubricate the metal door track better. Fortunately, the track can be cleaned more easily by moving the door to the center of the track. Then, the door can be grasped firmly so that it can be lifted off of the track. Use a vacuum to quickly vacuum any dirt or debris from the track. Ideally, use a shop vac and a narrow attachment that will fit easily inside the track. Also, spray the rollers with a silicon lubricant.

Making your door less noisy does more than avoid annoying those within earshot. These modifications will also reduce the wear and tear that the door is subjected to and can reduce costs by minimizing other forms of maintenance you must perform.