Essential Tree Trimming Tools For New Homeowners

Posted on: 6 June 2017

If you are a new homeowner who has never maintained trees before, then it is important you know about all of the tools that can help you. Whether you need to simply trim your trees or completely remove a tree including its stump, using a selection of these tools will make your job a whole lot easier:

A Pair of Hand Pruners

If your yard has species of trees that send out a lot of small shoots, such as cottonwoods and poplars, then a pair of hand pruners are the absolute best tool you can use to remove them. Since hand pruners work most effectively when they are very sharp, you should purchase a sharpening stone and learn how to sharpen your tools if you do not already know how.

A Pole Saw

Pole saws are vital for pruning trees because they give you the ability to cut branches that are higher up in the tree. Pole saws come in three types:

  • manual
  • gas-powered
  • electric

A manual pole saw is just a long pole with a saw blade attached to the end that you must use your own power to move back and forth to saw through branches. To save you time and effort, you can get a pole saw that is gas-powered or an electric model. The electric pole saws are easier to start, but gas-powered saws are better in areas where electricity isn't readily available. 

A Chain Saw

If you need to cut down a tree, then a chain saw is the best thing you can use. While you can cut down a tree with an axe, it requires a lot of physical effort and is more dangerous than using a chain saw. As with other cutting tools, it is important you have a sharpening stone and know how to keep your chain saw's blades sharp so they make clean cuts.

A Wood Chipper

If you would like to compost the tree branches you remove or would like to avoid the costs of hauling them to the landfill, then a wood chipper will come in handy. The chipper quickly turns branches into small wood chips you can use in your landscaping or compost. 

A Stump Grinder

Finally, if your new home has some trees you need to completely remove or stumps that were not removed by previous owners, then you can rent a stump grinder and easily remove them. You can rent a stump grinder at your local home improvement store. 

If you're not comfortable removing trees and doing work like this on your own, call a local tree removal service.