3 Septic System Improvements To Make Your Waste Treatment Modern And Problem Free

Posted on: 13 June 2017

The waste treatment solution for your home is likely a common septic system. If you have an older home, the outdated septic system can cause costly problems. To avoid costly repairs and maintenance, consider investing in a few modern improvements, such as grey water separation, alarm and drain field improvements. Here are some of the modern waste treatment upgrades for your septic system that will reduce repair and maintenance costs:

1. Alarms That Alert You Have Potential Problems and Remind You of Maintenance

The septic tank of your home is most likely to develop problems due to lack of maintenance. Sometimes, the problem of a tank overflowing and needing to be pumped may be due to issues like poor bacteria levels or materials in the tank. A simple improvement that will help prevent these problems from becoming too big is to have a septic tank alarm installed. The alarm will also alert you when the tank needs to be pumped as part of regular maintenance needs.

2.Chambered and Secondary Tanks to Deal with Grey Water Waste Separately

Secondary tanks are becoming a more common improvement for conventional septic systems. The second tank may be used for different stages in waste treatment, which will help improve break down of solids before they reach the drain field. Chambered tanks are also used for better waste treatment solutions. In addition, you can use a secondary tank for your septic system to separate grey water and reduce the strain on your tank. This is a good option for homes with more people living in the building and higher water consumption.

3. Modern Distribution Boxes and Secondary Drain Fields for Improved Filtration

Older septic systems can sometimes have a single line that comes from the tank, which can lead to the drain field collapsing, clogging or having other problems. Improvements to the drain field will help prevent some of these problems. You may want to have a distribution box installed along with a secondary field line that will help improve filtration and prevent some of the common problems with old septic system drain fields. The new lines and distribution box will relieve strain from the old septic lines.

These are some of the septic system upgrades to reduce repairs and maintenance. Contact a residential landscaping design contractor, like The Hilltop Landscape Architects & Contractors, to help with these improvements to your septic system and reduce the impact on your home's plumbing. They can incorporate the septic system into different aspects of your landscaping design.