Adding Slides And Diving Boards To Your Pool: What You Need For This Custom Job

Posted on: 30 June 2017

When you think "custom pool design," you probably think about different sizes, shapes, styles, and depths. While that is true, you are missing out on some of the best features of custom pools. Water slides and diving boards can really make your home pool stand out. To get these custom features from a custom pool design contractor, here is what you need.

A Deep End of at Least Twelve Feet for Diving Boards

A five-and-a-half foot adult that dives into a pool from a diving board is going to plunge straight down with approximately two-thirds of his/her body height before coming back up to the surface. That means that in order to have a diving board installed on your pool, you will need a deep end of about twelve feet for safety reasons.

If the deep end of your pool is not that deep, you may need to do some pool remodeling before you can add a diving board. Otherwise kids under four feet tall can dive if you have eight to ten feet of water in the deep end. Adults could cannonball or flip off of that, but they cannot dive straight down. Additionally, if you or anyone you know is six feet tall or taller, you will absolutely need a deep end that deep.

Water Slides Need Deeper Water Too

Water slides need between five and seven feet of water for users to land safely and not touch bottom. If you want to install both a diving board and a water slide, you could put a water slide on the side of the pool where the water meets this minimum level. Any shallower and users of the slide may smack their feet, legs, or buttocks on the bottom of the pool and cause injury. If you currently have a very shallow in-ground pool, you may want to ask your contractor to pull that one out and install a new pool that gradually dips off into deeper water.

An Approved Diving Board and Water Slide

If or when you have the correct depths for these custom additions, be sure to buy only an approved diving board and an approved water slide for your pool. Using a swing set slide or a wooden plank you bolted into the surrounding cement are NOT approved accessories for your pool. You want to make your pool is also safe, not just fun. Ask your pool contractor what custom slides and diving boards you can use with your pool.

For more information, contact a professional in your area like those found at Nassau Pools Construction Inc.