Five Mistakes You Need To Avoid When You Use Hydrovac Excavation For Soil Removal

Posted on: 26 July 2017

Hydrovac excavation can make soil removal extremely efficient, speedy, and safe. The hydrovac excavation procedure offers numerous benefits over traditional operating procedures, but it's important to avoid the following mistakes before the project starts and while the excavation work is being carried out for the best possible results:

Failing to adequately post warnings around the area where hydrovac excavation will be taking place.

Everyone should be aware of the upcoming excavation work well in advance. This will not only keep everyone at and around your facility safe, but it will also prevent scheduling conflicts that could detract from your facility's productivity. 

Post notices up all around the excavation site and be sure to secure the area all around the excavation site before work begins.

Not taking care to first ensure that underground utilities won't be harmed in any way by the process

Hydrovac excavation is a highly effective method of removing soil, but it's not appropriate to every situation. If there are underground utilities located too close to the area that needs to be excavated, hydrovac excavation may not be an option because it might lead to dangerous and costly damage of utility lines.

A thorough study needs to be carried out to make sure that hydrovac excavation is a plausible option for your location.

Neglecting to clearly mark out where underground utilities are located

It's not enough to simply do a precursory study to see if the excavation procedure will threaten underground utilities.

During this precursory study, it's also important to carefully determine exactly where underground utilities are located and to mark their locations out above ground during the excavation process. This will ensure that workers stay well aware of utility line locations and don't unknowingly get close enough to cause damage.

Forgetting to specify more stringent safety precautions around your property/facility when hydrovac excavation is taking place

When hydrovac excavation is going on around your facility, your workers need to be equipped with protective items including hard hats, face shields, heavy duty foot wear, and hearing protection.

The excavation process can be very noisy and stir up a great deal of debris. This type of protective equipment is therefore a necessity for all those who come in close proximity of the excavation site. 

Using too much pressure in water lines that are supplying the hydrovac excavation equipment

Don't overdo it with the water pressure that's being supplied to hydrovac excavation lines. Excessively high pressures could get out of control. Be sure to consult with your experienced hydrovac excavation service provider to find the optimum water line pressure for your particular needs.