Metal Building Construction Pros And Cons

Posted on: 3 November 2018

Metal houses are becoming increasingly common around the united states. Although these types of buildings weren't so popular in the early days, people have started to appreciate the many advantages that come with these buildings compared to conventional structures.

As with anything, there are pros and cons to choosing metal buildings. What exactly do you get when you decide to go for a metal building?

Pros of Metal Construction

Some of the main advantages of metal construction is that:

  • They are durable: Metals are generally strong elements. Because of this, they are able to stand up to forces that would otherwise damage materials such as wood unless they were reinforced. Because they don't damage easily, the maintenance needs of metals are also fewer.

  • Faster construction: In an age where a business may want to put up their premises and get down to working as quickly as possible, metal structures that can be completed in a matter of weeks provide the perfect solution.

  • Greater Space: Metal structures don't need a complex network of internal walls to support the structure. This lack of walls and use of fewer beams means that there is more space available in the structure.

  • Environmentally-Friendly: Most metal structures are made using recycled materials, and steel buildings have some of the best insulation systems available.

Cons of Metal Construction

Metal construction does have a few disadvantages to be considered. These include:

  • Corrosion: Unless the metal used is properly treated, it can start to rust, and this is can greatly reduce the lifespan of the building.

  • Higher Cost: Compared to wood buildings, metal structures will initially cost a lot more. This can be prohibitive for many people

  • Fewer customization options: Many companies in the metal construction business have ready-made frames that you can choose from, and this limits your customization options.

  • Height Limitations: Steel buildings rarely go above a few stories in height unless used with other materials.

The Bottom Line On Metal Houses

Metal construction offers advantages that are much harder to attain from wood buildings. Although there are disadvantages such as corrosion and high initial costs, all these can be countered in one way or another. The high cost can easily pay off in the long run due to lower maintenance costs and energy bills.

Even the customization problem can be overcome if you're willing to pay the higher price to have your custom design made by a manufacturer. For more information, contact a company like S  &  S Builders LLC.