Crash Trucks: What They Are And How To Rent One

Posted on: 29 January 2019

Every day construction workers risk their lives while trying to do their job. Construction areas on highways are especially dangerous due to distracted drivers hitting the workers or their equipment. Orange cones and barrels map the way through most sites, but it still doesn't take away all of the risks of these workers getting injured or even killed. Due to this, construction companies have started taking more measures for protecting themselves. One of the ways they are doing this is crash trucks.

What are crash trucks?

Crash trucks are a vehicle that is used to shadow construction vehicles as they prepare and dismantle work sites. One of the main jobs they do is follow slowly behind a work truck as a worker on the work truck picks up orange cones that were used for the project. The truck acts as a protective cushion between the work truck and any other vehicles that could come speeding up behind the truck and hurt the worker in a crash. The trucks also follow behind trucks that are picking up any of the signs or barriers that construction sites have placed.

What do crash trucks look like?

A crash truck can be any truck that has the right type of equipment installed on it. Most crash trucks are required by law to have the following items:

  • Track mounted crash cushion

  • Flashing arrow signs

  • Flashing amber lights

  • Headrests in the interior for drivers or passengers

  • Seatbelts and shoulder harnesses

  • Two-way radios to communicate with other worker vehicles

It is a good rule of them to use the heaviest vehicle available at the construction company. You want it to be able to take an impact if necessary.

How do you rent a crash truck?

As you can see, it can cost quite a bit to create a crash truck for your construction company. Some companies may not have enough use for them to justify owning one. In these cases, it makes more sense to rent a truck for certain jobs and then return them after the project is finished. But where do you get one? As it turns out, there are several companies that have crash trucks they will loan out for a certain rate per day. You can contract local construction companies to inquire if they have crash truck rentals available. You can also conduct a search online for local towns that might have one to use. Make sure you also ask about any insurance that you will need or other fees included in the rates.