Why Have Crawl Space Encapsulation Done Professionally

Posted on: 17 March 2019

You consider yourself a person able to perform most of their projects at home. You may be skilled at doing most of your home repairs yourself, but dealing with your crawl space should not be one of them. Since this area is often not used much and can be prone to moisture, you should have your crawl space encapsulated. However, you should always hire a professional to do the work: here's why.

Crawl spaces can be dangerous

If your crawl space is rarely or never used, you have no idea how safe the structure actually is. If the area has encountered moisture or other types of damage in the past, the beams supporting the small space can be compromised. You don't want to risk a cave-in or exposure to mold and mildew spores, so hire a professional to check and make this area waterproof for you.

A contractor will inspect your crawl space before they go in so they know what types of conditions they are going into. If your crawl space needs some repairs to make the structure sound or to improve your home's foundation, these priority repairs will be made before your crawl space is encapsulated. Your contractor will explain what your crawl space needs and give you an estimate before they begin their work.

You don't know what you need

Encapsulating a crawl space is a unique contractor niche, so you likely don't have the proper tools, supplies, and knowledge to get this work done. Or, you may have all the tools and things you need to make the area more secure against water damage, but you may do the work incorrectly and compromise the safety of your crawl space.

A crawl space is prone to moisture damage even under the best of treatment, so even your best work can fail. It's best to get a contractor who has experience in encapsulating crawl spaces and basements to give your crawl space an inspection and secure the foundation for you. This way, should you find moisture in the future or need to have the area inspected again to be on the safe side, your contractor will be able to assist you and keep the area secure.

A crawl space should be kept as free of water damage as possible to protect your home. If you're unsure if your own crawl space has been waterproofed, call a contractor for their opinion on what you should do.