Four Ways To Build A Healthy Custom Home

Posted on: 19 July 2019

Don't just build a custom home that includes all the luxurious appointments you want and enjoy. You should also build a home that keeps your family healthy. Whether you realize it or not, there are several features you can include in your new home's design to help improve your family's health. 

Crawl Space Vents

Include vents in your crawl space design. Humidity is a serious problem in crawl spaces due to their exposure to outside temperatures. Humidity will cause serious air quality issues in your home in the form of mold. Crawl space vents help ensure the air circulates, which will help prevent a buildup of moisture inside crawl space.  Keep in mind; too much moisture in the crawl space can also lead to roof damage. 


Consider including a mudroom just off the garage of your home. Switching to a shoe-free home is a great idea not just in terms of protecting your floors, but it can also help prevent you from tracking in bacteria on the bottom of your shoes and spreading it around your home. Including a mudroom with a built-in shoe rack in your home's design is a great way to encourage your family to drop their shoes at the door. 

Wind-Facing Windows 

Ensure you have plenty of window coverage on the side of your home with the most wind exposure. Opening wind-facing windows can help you create a cross-ventilation system. A cross-ventilation system allows air to circulate throughout your home more easily. Ventilation keeps your home more comfortable, but it can also prevent moisture and other air contaminants from lingering around your home. A contractor will be able to tell you which side of your home has the most wind exposure. 

Auto Ventilation Fans

Make sure all the ventilation fans in your bathroom have an automatic feature. The bathroom is one of the most humid places in a home when you consider all its water sources, including the toilet and shower. Again, moisture in the air will lead to mold. However, a ventilation fan helps circulate and remove the moisture from the air, but that is only if you remember to turn it on. If you install ventilation fans with an auto feature, you do not have to worry about forgetting.  

A new custom home builder will be more than happy to work with you to include these, and many other, health-promoting features to your new custom home.