3 Warning Signs Of Well Pump Failure

Posted on: 1 September 2019

Private wells supply potable water to many homes throughout the country. A well relies on a pump to help draw water out of the ground and deliver it into a home's plumbing system. Without a reliable well pump, access to fresh water is compromised.

Understanding the integral role a well pump plays in your water system should motivate you to monitor the performance of your well pump carefully. Watch for warning signs of impending pump failure so that you can invest in a replacement before you find yourself without access to running water.

1. Dirty Water

Water quality can tell you a lot about the health of your well pump. A functional pump filters out any impurities before as the water passes through it. If the water being delivered through the taps in your home suddenly becomes cloudy or dirty, this is an indication that the well pump is not functioning properly.

Contact a professional to troubleshoot the pump and determine if you need to repair or replace the pump in order to preserve your access to fresh water in the future.

2. Rising Electrical Costs

Your utility bill can be a valuable tool in determining if your well pump is working properly. All well pumps need to have a power source to function. A pump that is in good working order will use electricity efficiently to draw water out of your well.

A sudden spike in your electrical costs can be an indication that the well pump is having to work harder to maintain water pressure. This workload cannot be sustained long-term, and the pump will eventually fail. If you have noticed an increase in your electrical costs and there is no plausible explanation, a failing well pump is likely to blame.

3. Reduced Water Pressure

The pressure of the water coming through your home's faucets is directly related to the health of your well pump. A pump that is clogged or otherwise compromised cannot sustain proper water pressure levels over time.

You will notice continued reductions in water pressure as the pump sustains more damage. Turn off your well pump and have a professional diagnose the source of the problem so that you can invest in repairs or a total well pump replacement as soon as you notice an unexplained change in your water pressure.

It's important that you are able to identify the warning signs of pump failure if you want to reduce the costs associated with maintaining your home's access to fresh water. Contact a service, like Hull Well & Pump Service, for more help