The Pole Barn Truss Roof Guide To Building The Right Shelter For Your Covered Space Needs

Posted on: 10 March 2020

If you need a covered or sheltered space to protect things like equipment, vehicles, or other materials, a pole barn is a practical and affordable solution. If you want a quick, affordable solution for your pole barn, trusses are the best solution. Truss roofs for pole barns also offer benefits such as open spans, design options, and choices of materials. The following guide will help you with your pole barn project using truss roof systems:

Begin with Planning the Pole Barn Structure for The Needs of Truss Designs

The first step in your pole barn project is to plan the design. You will want to work with the truss company to plan the design of the structure. The structure that supports the roof has to be designed to support loads of trusses. This is when you will want to decide on the type of materials to use, which can be metal or wood trusses. If you use metal trusses, you will be able to have longer spans. Wood trusses will allow you to do more with the custom design of trusses.

Setting the Posts That Will Be the Poles That Support the Roof Load Of Your Trusses

Once you have a plan for the trusses of your pole barn, you will be ready to start building the structure to support them. These are poles, which can support loads of trusses directly, or carry beams that the trusses will sit on. Make sure the posts are set correctly and have good concrete footings to support structural loads of your pole barn.

Installing Pole Barn Beams and Renting A Crane to Quickly Set Roof Trusses in Place

If you need beams to support the trusses, they need to be installed on the poles and fastened. To quickly set the trusses in their place, you will want to rent a crane. With a crane, you will usually be able to set most of the trusses of the pole barn in a few hours and start preparing to install bracing and roofing materials.

Installing Roofing Materials and Deciding If You Will Finish Sides or Enclose Your Pole Barn

The best material to use for your pole barn is metal roofing or other roofing panel materials. Install slats on the trusses to fasten the roofing materials, and then, begin installing the roof. This is also when you will want to decide if you want to finish the sides of the pole barn or enclose it. Finishing the sides of the barn is something that you can do now, or you can wait to enclose the pole barn later.

These are some of the things that you will want to know before you begin a pole barn project with a truss roof. If you are ready to start building the pole barn for your covered space, contact a roof truss company for help with the design to get exactly what you need.