The Homeowner's Guide To Preparing Property For Durable And Professional Privacy Fence Installation

Posted on: 28 April 2020

If you are thinking about installing a new fence for your home, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to prepare the area. First, you need to check easements and regulations, and then, you will need to do the trenching for footings and setting posts. The following guide will help you with preparing your property for durable and professional privacy fence installation:

1. Start By Planning and Understanding The Requirements For Installing a Fence On Your Property

The first thing that you will need to do is understand the requirements for the installation of privacy fencing. This could be things like easements that require access for utilities or fences that need to be installed a distance from property lines. It could also be local privacy fence regulations that dictate the height and visibility of the fence. Make sure you understand these requirements before you begin surveying and preparing the fence line for trenching.

2. Survey Your Property And Clearly Mark The Location Of Utilities and Access Areas The Fence Needs

The utility services that go to your home may cross the fence line. Anywhere there are utilities, you want to make sure that they are clearly marked, and that the fence is built with access. Therefore, you will want to have surveying done to help mark the location of utilities and the fence line where new fencing is going to be installed. This will also help prevent damage to the fence when the fence footing trenching is done.

3. Clearly Mark The Corners Of Your Fence and The Line Where New Privacy Fencing Will Be Installed

It is also important to clearly mark the corners of your fencing. You will want to mark off the fence line with a string. You can also mark the ground along the fence line with surveying paint to clearly mark the area where trenching needs to be done for the installation of the fence footings.

4. Preparing The Fence Footings and Trenching The Fence Line For Final Preparations For Installation

Once the fence line has been clearly marked and you understand the regulations, you will be ready to start trenching for the fence footings. The main fence sections can be shallower footings, and then, you will want to dig footings deeper where the posts or columns are going to be installed to support the sections. You will also want to add extra footing support at gates, and additional concrete pads for things like gate openers, which can be done when the trenching is done.