Metal Roofing Solutions to Make Over Your Home With a Durable and Attractive New Roof

Posted on: 1 October 2020

If you are planning on replacing your roof soon, there are a lot of choices for metal roofing that can give your home a new look. Today, the materials can be panels, standing seam, or shingles that last. You are also going to have to choose the finish and color of the metal roofing. The following metal roofing solutions will help make over your home with a new metal roof:

Metal shingles for attractive details—The asphalt shingles that are removed from your roof can be replaced with new metal shingles. These are specially designed stamped metal products that are durable and long-lasting alternatives to asphalt. A few options for the stamp metal shingle designs for your new roof include:

  • Copper shingles for durable and attractive roofing
  • Galvanized metals with different finishes for durable shingles
  • Lightweight and versatile aluminum metal shingles

These are some of the different metal shingle styles that can be installed on your home. In addition, the metal shingles also have a durable finish that is baked into the surface of shingles. This finish helps protect the metal roofing to prevent wear and tear.

Affordable metal roofing panel systems—The most affordable metal roofing materials to have installed on your home are metal roofing panels. Today, these panels can be more than just the tin roof panels that were installed on rural homes in the past. You have a lot of options for the finish of the panels with powder coatings or raw metal material. There are also PVC alternatives that can be used for projects like covered porch additions.

Standing seam architectural sheet metal roofs—The next metal roofing solution that you will want to consider for your home is architectural sheet metal. These are special systems that are custom-installed with standing seams. The standing seams of architectural materials will help prevent wear, leaks, and damage to the new metal roof you have installed on your home.

Options for different finishes of new metal roofing—Lastly, you want to consider the different types of metal finishes that give new metal roofs color and enhance their appearance. Finishes that are used for metal roofing products include:

  • Raw metals that develop a patina-like copper
  • Aluminum shingle coatings in a variety of colors
  • Powder coatings that are baked into the surface of metal roofing

These metal finishes can be used to give your new roof color and a protective coating to reduce wear that causes leaks.

These residential metal roofing solutions will refresh the appearance of your home with a new and attractive roof. Contact a company that does residential metal roof installation, like Pacific Sheet Metal, for more information.